Cutting-Edge Road Profiling for Smart Roads

Experience the future of road infrastructure with our real-time profiling technology. By harnessing the direct interaction between Road Maintenance vehicle or Probe Vehicle's tires and the road surface, we gather and analyze data instantaneously, paving the way for the creation of intelligent roads with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.


Real-time Road Intelligence

Experience instant response to road conditions as vehicles detect and process data in real time.


Precision through Direct Interaction

Gain a clearer understanding of road conditions with data collected directly from tire-road interaction, ensuring accuracy like never before.


Cost-Efficient Innovation

Our solution eliminates the need for additional road infrastructure, cutting down on installation and maintenance costs while delivering unparalleled efficiency.

Enhance your road monitoring capabilities
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Real-time road profiling solution

Cameras or other ADAS solutions like LiDAR are used for existing road monitoring have limitations such as being affected by environmental conditions. We detect the road surface conditions felt by the tires that are actually in contact with the road and provides more accurate information through road conditions such as road slip information such as black ice, and road abnormality information like pothole depth.


Save Lives and Gas

Take a leap into the future of tires with BANF

Our commitment lies in delivering smart tire solutions that not only enhance driver safety but also elevate fuel efficiency to unprecedented levels. Join us in experiencing the tire revolution brought to you by BANF today.