BANF's Real-time Tire Profile Solution: Pioneering Smart Mobility

Our innovative technology ensures optimum safety and fuel efficiency by continuously monitoring not only tire pressure and temperature but also tire wear, wheel alignment, lug nuts status, tire-load, and road conditions in real-time.
Experience the future of mobility with:
  • Tire Load MeasurementRoad Surface Information
  • Tire Data Wheel Alignment StatusLoosen Lug Nuts Check

Tires convey
a wealth of information

We prioritize safety and efficiency by continuously monitoring tires—the sole point of contact with the road—in real-time.

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    Tire and Tread Health Check

    Our system analyzes tire conditions, guiding optimal maintenance schedules and necessary actions.
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    Lug Nut Security

    Early detection of lug nut loosening prevents tire separation accidents, ensuring road safety.
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    Road Surface Insights

    By capturing data from the road surface, our system optimizes driving behavior for prevailing road conditions.
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    Precision Wheel Alignment

    We ensure optimal tire alignment, extending replacement intervals and boosting fuel efficiency.
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    Real-Time Load Monitoring

    Our system monitors tire loads in real-time, preventing overloading and reducing the risk of wear and damage.

Tire Profiling

Introducing iSensor, overcoming TPMS limitations through intricate data monitoring, paired with Smart Profiler, solving power supply challenges hindering tire digitization
and real-time high-speed data sampling—powered wirelessly.



A real-time detection sensor featuring a self-developed 3-axis acceleration sensor, TPMS, and low-energy Bluetooth functionality.

Smart Profiler

Providing wireless power to sensors within fast-spinning tires, directly linked to the vehicle battery for seamless operation.

Data Viewer

Access analyzed data effortlessly through a dedicated program boasting a user-friendly interface.

Revolutionizing Power Delivery

Our wireless power solution tackles supply challenges for sensors attached to rotating tires, ensuring sustained operation and facilitating intelligent algorithms.

Accurate Data Collection

Real-time data collection is swift and precise, thanks to our cutting-edge time-domain signal filtering technology, which eliminates noise, and frequency-domain algorithms, which extract tire contact surface information.

Precise Monitoring

Achieve sampling rates exceeding 1kHz via our 3-axis acceleration sensor and BLE technology. Our secure circuit design enables multi-axis sensing, while BLE communication efficiently transmits large data volumes.


BANF's iSensor + Smart Profiler system holds a top position in real-time tire and road analysis solutions—an achievement sought after by global companies but unmatched by any.


Save Lives and Gas

Take a leap into the future of tires with BANF

Our commitment lies in delivering smart tire solutions that not only enhance driver safety but also elevate fuel efficiency to unprecedented levels. Join us in experiencing the tire revolution brought to you by BANF today.